About company

Direc­tor of Com­pany BIO-BAN Boyarskiy Niko­lay Mikhailovich greets you and invites for collaboration

Com­pany BIO-BAN is one of the lead­ing com­pa­nies among the man­u­fac­tur­ers of organic fer­til­iz­ers. Among the man­u­fac­tur­ers of peat-humic fer­til­iz­ers our com­pany is the leader in qual­ity and on the market.

The mark of eco­log­i­cally pure pro­duc­tion since 2004 till today.

In the issue of long-term efforts com­pany BIO-BAN has man­aged to pro­duce the eco­log­i­cally pure peat-humic fer­til­iz­ers “FLORA-S” and “FITOP-FLORA-S” on basis of the humic acids and micro­bi­ol­ogy (the newest tech­nol­ogy in the field of eco­log­i­cally pure agri­cul­ture) which help to real­ize a com­plex approach to the prob­lem of the restora­tion and fer­til­ity increase of the soil and the effect of the agri­cul­tural production.

We should treat the soil as pro­tec­tively as our own organ­ism. And in this case it will thank us with abun­dant and healthy crop. We offer you a com­plex approach to the sal­va­tion of the prob­lem of receiv­ing eco­log­i­cally pure crop and soil improve­ment, restora­tion and increase of its fertility.

The unique­ness of our preparations:

Dry peat-humic fer­til­izer (DPHF) “FLORA-S” is a highly con­cen­trated mix­ture of bio­log­i­cally active sub­stances iso­lated from the eco­log­i­cally pure raw mate­r­ial of nat­ural ori­gin bal­anced accord­ing to macro– and micro-elements with the high con­cen­tra­tion of humic acids (not less than 12 g/l).

The prop­er­ties of “FITOP-FLORA-S” are sim­i­lar but it con­tains a reg­is­tered monobac­terium strain, which pro­tects the plants and soil increas­ing its steadi­ness to dif­fer­ent dis­eases: phy­toph­thora rot, gray rot, mildew, downy mildew, pho­mo­sis, black­leg, rhi­zoc­to­niose, etc. This monobac­terium favours the accu­mu­la­tion of the nitrogen-fixing, phos­phor con­duc­tive bac­te­ria and the other path­o­genic micro-flora with the high bio­log­i­cal activity.

Apart from real­iza­tion of DPHFFLORA-S” and “FITOP-FLORA-S” our com­pany pro­vides the author sup­port of the production.

This ser­vice con­tains wide infor­ma­tion about the com­pany and the pro­duc­tion – dry peat-humic fer­til­iz­ers, their appli­ca­tion and the results received empir­i­cally. We try to pro­vide you with visual infor­ma­tion. That’s why we added inter­views and videos with the par­tic­i­pa­tion of the direc­tor of OOO BIO-BAN Niko­lay Boyarskiy and also some pho­tos illus­trat­ing the effec­tive­ness of our fertilizers.

Our motto is:

We care about you, your health, pros­per­ity and welfare!!!”