Нов этикетка ФФС (англ)DPHFFITOP-FLORA-S” is made on basis of the prepa­ra­tion “FLORA-S” and its influ­ence on the bio­chem­i­cal processes in the soil is also effec­tive thanks to the humic acids. The dif­fer­ence of the prepa­ra­tion is in the reg­is­tered strain of the monobac­terium Bacil­lus sub­tilis which is a pro­bi­otic. This means that thanks to this monobac­terium the prepa­ra­tion “FITOP-FLORA-S” oppresses all the path­o­genic micro-flora – but it does no harm to the microor­gan­isms and also favours their devel­op­ment sup­port­ing their nat­ural amount in the soil.

DPHFFITOP-FLORA-S” is a med­i­cine for the soil and a pow­er­ful defender of the plants and the col­lected crop from a num­ber of dis­eases caused by path­o­genic micro-flora. The prepa­ra­tion is effec­tive in fight­ing with late blight dis­ease, pow­dery mildew, bare patch, rot (even grey rot – and there is no chem­i­cal prepa­ra­tion which can cope with this dis­ease) and many other.

The prepa­ra­tion “FITOP-FLORA-S” is also used for the pro­cess­ing of the inside con­struc­tions of the hot­houses, green­houses and stor­ages. The tri­als in improve­ment of san­i­tary con­di­tion of rub­bish chutes and entrances of the houses, in decrease of sanitary-epidemiological ten­sion in the regions of city dumps and dis­as­ters were successful.

Nowa­days DPHFFITOP-FLORA-S” is the only prepa­ra­tion in which we imple­mented the unity of bio­chem­i­cal and micro­bi­o­log­i­cal process and only in case of nat­ural (or restored) unity and bal­ance of these processes you can suc­cess­fully cul­ti­vate any crop and get eco­log­i­cally pure rich har­vest with high flavour prop­er­ties and good keep­ing capacity.

The prepa­ra­tions “FLORA-S” and “FITOP-FLORA-S” are used in com­plex, they sup­ple­ment each other in effect and action cre­at­ing a united bio­chem­i­cal and micro­bi­o­log­i­cal process.